Wittern USI 3578 Drink Vending Machine

Wittern USI 3578 Drink Vending Machine

The Wittern USI 3578 10-selection beverage vending machine does bottle & cans, comes with drop sensor, $1 and $5 bill acceptor & auto coin changer.

  • Vends 12 & 16 oz cans (optional kit required for 8oz/250 ml cans)
  • Vends 16, 20 and 24 oz plastic bottles
  • 10 selections
  • Large keypad with Braille identification
  • MDB support for all industry standard devices including cash, coin, debit & credit systems
  • DEX data output support
  • High capacity: 240 – 20oz bottles, 500 – 12oz cans or a combo of both bottles & cans
  • Open door depth of 29.25″ allows it to move through 30″ doorway
  • Illuminated, easy loading tilt out display makes product and price changing a snap
  • Removable back lighted display for easy branding and customizing
  • Detachable front grill allows front access for moving equipment
  • Easy loading product stacks with convenient case support rack
  • Product delivery sensor equipped guaranteeing product or your money back

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